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A2 EU-Drone Pilot Certificate ONLINE - DJI Academy (Open Category)

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Important informations

Be certificated drone operator! Why should you do A2 Remote Pilot Certificate with us?

  • Trust experienced and certificated school
  • Get discounts for DJI equipment and next courses
  • No additional exam payments for national CAA (fe. 30 Euro for LBA in Germany)
  • Get 100% guarantee of pass
  • Safe time - registration and documents are done within 15 minutes
  • Choose your exam date immediately when you purchase the training/exam
  • Get access to our learning portal with simulated exam questions 24/7 (high quality user experience)
  • Minimal entry of your personal data
  • Receive your PRINTED (!) A2 drone license just a few days after taking the exam
  • Choose the best version of training and exam for you

Need more details? Check out the description below!



Fly your drone safe and legal! Make theoretical online training with final exam for English-speaking users from all World countries, of drones with and without CE marking and a take-off weight of up to 4 kilograms. The participant acquires knowledge and skills to safely perform flights by unmanned aircraft in the open category A2. Valid in all EU member states see description.


The training is online and will be conducted according to the following requirements:

  • Valid proof of identity
  • Completed 16 years of age
  • Webcam
  • Sufficiently fast Internet connection

Possible exam variations:

  • Exam only - without training (only for very experienced pilots)
  • Online course - self-study (our recommendation)
  • Digital course - online live with trainer (open questions are answered directly)

Training under the approval of the Polish Civil Aviation Authority - No. of registration: PL.10.2021 (Training provider: Dilectro - Pro Fly Center)


If none of the dates suit you, please contact us (! We will try to find a solution!

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Price: 114.00 € incl. VAT

Are you looking for A2 training/exam in different language? Check this:


Theoretical online training with final exam (or exam only) for English-speaking users from all European countries, of drones with and without CE class markings and a take-off weight of up to 25 kilograms. The participant acquires the necessary knowledge and skills to safely perform flights in open category A2. Valid in all EU member states see description. After this training/exam you will become drone operator authorised by avation authority to make fly by drone (UAS) in A2 Category

Our center is authorized to conduct training and exams for drone users from all over Europe. For example, if you took the A1-A3 exam in Spain, it is no problem to take the A2 exam with us. We use a special electronic system operated by the Polish CAA to serve clients from all European countries. You will receive the certificate (drone license) 2-3 days after the exam. Do you have any questions? Please contact our team (!

The EU Certificate of Competency A2 obtained in this way serves as proof in accordance with item UAS.OPEN.030 of Regulation (EU) 2019/947 and is valid in all EU member states. This also includes Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, provided these countries have ratified Regulation (EU) 2019/947.

The A2 category gives you the best opportunity to legally fly with drones (UAS) heavier than 250 grams, especially in urban areas.

 Summary of EU regulations (Open and Specific category), including model aircraft and flight risk assessment


Exam only - you book a place for the official exam and use your own training materials to learn. This solution is recommended only for very experienced drone users who have a deep knowledge of the topics required to pass the A2 exam. The price includes two attempts to take the exam.

Self-learning - After registration you will get access to our learning portal, where you will find training materials (full drone training - approx. 100 slides). All training materials are created by experienced experts according to EASA requirements (EU regulation) and ensure knowledge, quality and describe all topics required for the official exam. You have 24/7 lifetime access to the learning materials. You decide how to prepare for the exam, how much time to use and when to be tested. We organize self-study exams at least once a week.

Digital Course with Instructor - Our experienced drone operator (instructor) will explain all the drone regulations required to pass the exam in a 5-hour online session. During the course, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, including those that go beyond the standard training scenario. The class with our instructor ensures that you have all the knowledge and context and are optimally prepared for the exam. The exam can be taken immediately after the course. After the course, you will have access to the materials in electronic form, which will be constantly updated.

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  • A1-A3 certificate with Operator ID (ony for users from European Union)- To apply for a remote pilot certificate to operate in subcategory A2, an EU certificate of competency from subcategory A1/A3 is required. Training and testing for subcategories A1 and A3 are conducted through the european CAAs. In many countries you can register free of charge. You can get the addresses of your CAA and further information here:
  • Basic pratice skills - to get A2 certificate of competency you must perform a practical self-training under the conditions of subcategory A3 (preferably on an open field). After that you need to prepare a self-training. After registering for the training, we will send you a form that you must sign.
  • Minimum age: 16 year (if you younger then 18 years you need to have permission from your parents)



Theoretical training:

1) Summary and review of A1-A3 training

2) Meteorology

  • How can weather affect drone flight?
  • Evaluation of weather data, helpful apps & tools.


3) UAS flight performance

  • Typical use and applications of unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Mass, positioning and location of the center of gravity
  • Securing payloads / cameras
  • Safe handling of batteries
  • GEO zones / flight zones


4) technical and operational mitigation of risks on the ground

  • Functions in slow flight mode
  • Inspection of the take-off and landing area
  • Estimation of distance to people, buildings and obstacles
  • The 1:1 rule


5) Additional content

  • Incident reporting
  • Risk management

Exam description:

The theoretical exam takes place immediately after the training, also online. During the exam, 30 questions are asked. The examinee must answer 75% of the questions correctly to pass the exam.

All training materials and exam questions are in English!

Upon successful completion of this exam, all exam materials will be sent by PFC to one of the European CAAs to obtain an A2 registration for you.


  • The training is conducted by a lecturer. After completing your registration, you will receive access to your personal online learning portal with all necessary learning materials for 6 months.
  • the training will be via Skype or Zoom


  • Theoretical online training with instructor
  • Exam costs (3 approaches)
  • Training material in digital form
  • Processing fee
  • A2 Licence plastic card printing
  • Access to Pro Fly Center support program


  • min. 16 years
  • A1-A3 licence
  • some experience with practical flight



  • From 50 to a maximum of 2000 Euro discount for DJI equipment (All DJI drones in the program - Consumer and Enterprise)
  • 20% discount for the next trainings
  • Access to free knowledge base, news and articles
  • Preferential registration to free trainings and DJI events organized by PFC


If you want to fly by unmanned aircraft beyond the OPEN category (fly a drone with higher weight / different category, in an exceeded range), you should fly in the specific category. For this purpose, you should fly according to the national scenarios in the specific category, typical for each country. European specific category scenarios have been postponed by EASA until 2023.

Nevertheless, we are recruiting semi experienced and experienced drone operators for training in the specific category. Training is tailored to the needs of customers and the territories in which these flights are to be carried out. If you are interested, please contact us.

More about specific category training HERE



  • All prices include German VAT (19%) - gross.
  • After the transaction you will receive a ticket which entitles you to take the training / exam within 12 months.
  • Training provider: The training/examination is organized by the Polish branch of Pro Fly Center (registration number in national aviation authority (PL): Dilectro PL.10.2021)
  • Practice session possible - you can order individual practical session (included practical flight) with our instructor (place: 5 cities in Germany or 2 in Poland)

Thomas Mol
Sascha Kümmel
Olaf Kramer
Willi Med

I couldn't believe my eyes when I could already download the driving licence 4 hours after the exam


Easy and fast. Full recommendation!


I would recommend A2 training in PFC. Training materials are on very high level. Before exam procedures are ok (you need register on polish CAA website, but you will get very good manual from Pro Fly). After exam i get my licence in 2 days. Like a unexpected bonus was printing out of plastic card for free.

S. Weitzel

Very good customer service. From placing the order, to printing the license (Yes! They print for free on a plastic card!). I had a minor problem during registration at the Polish ULC, but the team solved it expressly.

Christian Maher

Training materials very well prepared. Access to the platform very convenient. In fact, I chose the date of the exam myself. I recommend!

Alex Morgan

Very good training materials and quick contact with support team. Polish A2 licence will comes to me at the same day when i made exam! Everything is fine. Full recommendation from side!


I took the A2 course from ProFlyCenter and it was good they helped us with registration and the learning documents. They were helpful and professional. Really recommend

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