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Photography with Drones Workshop (ENG)

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City/Place: Frankfurt
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Level of knowledge:

  • Advanced to professional
  • Training in English


  • 2 days

About Alex Głowacki

Alex Glowacki is one of the 3 most popular drone photographers from Poland. As one of the first drone photographers, his images were used by DJI for marketing purposes and he is still in close contact with the DJI brand and related projects. He specialises in urban and landscape photography.

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The photo and video workshop is designed for pilots who want to create professional photos and videos by drones. Thanks to Alex Glowacki's great experience gained in many places in Europe and the world, as well as the specially designed workshop, you will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge for perfect photos and videos. Below you will find information about the exact schedule of the workshop.


I day :

10:00 - Theoretical lecture about aerial photography

11:15 - Coffee break

11:30 - Time for practice! We go out to take our photos and prepare the raw material.

16:00 - Back to the original location to discuss what we have done and learnt that day.

16:30 - End of session for the given day.


During the first day we will discuss the basics of photography and how does that apply in aerial drone photography. Later that day we will visit certain locations in order to perform flights and take our raw material to be ready for postproduction during next day.

After we get back indoors we will discuss what we have managed to capture and how we will work on these photos next day.


II day :

10:00 - We start off with working in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic environment and learn the basics of photo postproduction.

12:30 - Coffee break

12:45 - Time for Q&A as well as individual help

14:00 - End of workshop 


The second day we will start with working on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic. Beginning with how to import our photos into the program. Later we will focus on the Develop section where we will work on our photos. It is here where we will work on our highlights, shadows, color correction and contrast. In addition it will be here where we will learn how to merge panoramic shots, HDRs as well as how to convert our photos into B&W.



The workshop of a second day consists of the following subjects :


Lightroom :


  1. Introduction

            In this section we will discuss why it is worth to edit photos and how to create your own workflow.

  1. The analysis of the basic panels in Lightroom Classic



            How to read histogram and why is it so important

  1. Photos management

            Import of photos

            How to use the navigator

  1. The editing process

            Editing single shots, mass editing (creating your own presets - user presets), copying the settings from one photo to another

    White balance - how to match the prefect temperature for your photos

            Exposure - How to use histogram to choose the right settings for your photo

            Extracting details from shadows and highlights

            Working on contrast

            Working on colors, saturation & vibrance

            Comparing photos: before & after

            Cropping - how to crop our photos to achieve best possible results 

            Denoise and sharpening

            Lens correction and work on profiles

            Adding and removing vignette effect 

            Local adjustments using radial filter, gradual filter and brush

            Removing unwanted objects from our photos

            Creating panoramic shots

  1. How to properly export our photos and create export presets useful for various needs

            Analysis of export panel and its main functions, adding watermark to your photo


Upon completion of the Photo and Video workshop with Alex Glowacki, you will have a sound knowledge of professional image editing as well as perfect video editing, with a special focus on the specifications of DJI products. The content of the workshop is rounded off by an explanation of the most frequently used apps (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro and DJI Go 4). You will also have the necessary skills in manual photo and video shooting as well as using the smart modes of the DJI GO 4 App.


  • Training materials of the theoretical and practical training
  • Exchange of experiences with the instructor 
  • Digital access to training materials including constant updates


  • 18 years of age or older
  • You fly with your own insured drone or an insured drone from Pro Fly Center.

  • Laptop with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC (if you do not have a full version, a demo version can be downloaded for 7 days at the following link:


  • Discount on other Pro Fly Center trainings
  • Discount on DJI drones after completion of training
  • Free access to the closed Pro Fly Center forum


  • All prices are inclusive VAT
  • If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the training can be postponed or cancelled with a refund of the booking costs.
  • Number of participants for this course (4-8 participants)
  • You will fly with an insured DJI drone from Pro Fly Center.
  • If the practical training cannot take place due to the weather situation, an alternative date will be arranged

All trainings are conducted and organised in compliance with hygiene regulations. Dates and conditions of the trainings depend on the COVID 19 situation.

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