Proflycenter tests A2 under german drone regulations! 


We are a recognised external testing centre DE.PStF.016 of Copter Expert GmbH and as Proflycenter GmbH we are allowed to take the examinations for the remote pilot certificate.

If you would like to take the "Remote Pilot Certificate A2" (the so-called "Large Drone Licence"), you can book and attend the examination, including the intensive preparatory course, here with us.

For closed groups, the examination including training can also take place at your specified company location.

For individual participants, we conduct the exam with an intensive preparatory course at one of our training locations.


Would you like a quick, easy and yet professional solution for your "Remote Pilot Certificate A2"?

Visit one of our digital Smart A2 courses and click here!


We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses!

More info:

Very important: In order to be admitted to the EU A2 exam, it is necessary that you have taken the A1/A3 Certificate of Competence via the LBA website.

The A1/A3 EU Proof of Competence Online is required for the A2 Remote Pilot Certificate and can only be done via the LBA website. (Learning + mock exam + exam = approx. 2 hours):

When you enter your drone insurance, you will also receive the operator ID (E-ID), which is important for the rest of the process.

This is necessary for flying drones in Germany!


Registration as an operator of a UAS for operation in the operating categories "open" and "special", as well as the issuance, extension and amendment of the EU Certificate of Competence A1/A3, is subject to fees.
Fees according to LuftkostV - Annex Schedule of Fees (to § 2 para 1):

for the registration as UAS operator the following fees apply: 20,00€ per natural person / 50,00€ per legal entity
for the issue of an EU Certificate of Competence A1/A3 fees of 25,00€ are charged.
You will receive a cost notification separately.
For further information on the respective fees, please refer to the Aviation Administration Costs Ordinance (LuftkostV).

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