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How to get a drone licence? (graphic)


Want to fly a drone legally across Europe? Getting a drone licence is not that difficult. However, depending on the school or teaching system, it can cost between €120 and €500. See what you need to do to become a licensed drone pilot.

At the moment, you can easily fly in the open category in Germany. However, whether you want to fly for pleasure by taking a few holiday photos or to carry out complex photogrammetric raids, you need to have the right license. At the moment in the open category we have 3 subcategories - A1, A2 and A3. Which subcategory we will fly in depends on many factors such as the class of the drone, its weight or the place where we will fly. For more information on this, check out our handy graphic here:


Once you know what subcategory you will be flying in, you can move on to training. There are two training courses in the open category. Basic - for subcategory A1-A3 and extended (you must have first level) - for category A2.  It is advisable to register as an operator beforehand. You must do this in the country where you live.

You can take the A1-A3 training online at one of the EU's civil aviation agencies. In Germany, this is LBA. You create an account on the portal, use the materials and pass the exam. After passing the exam, you will have to pay a 25 euro fee for the certificate in Germany. In some countries such as France, Belgium or Poland, the A1-A3 can be done for free.

If you need to fly larger drones in closer proximity to buildings, you need to do A2. You can get this certificate in one of the flying schools, including ours. You adjust the formula of training to your time, convenience and wallet. Thus, in Germany you can e.g:

- A2 training in SMART version - completely online, quickly, through a special e-learning tool at the price of even 120 Euro without any additional fees. This is not controlled by the German CAA, but by CAAs from the Netherlands or Poland, for example. The document is in these languages (+ English) but, like the document issued by the LBA, is valid throughout Europe

There are many solutions, but the infographic below best illustrates the whole process. If you want to do A2 training with Pro Fly Center you can use the discount code "A2PFC", which should be entered in the shopping cart after selecting the type of training. You will receive an additional 10% discount.

List of training courses HERE


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