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EU drone licence for non-EU citizens. How to make it do it? (FAQ)


If you don't live in any of the EU countries but want to fly a drone whilebeing on a visit, you should also pass A1-A3 or even A2 training. Here are some of the most important information for residents of USA, Canada, Austrialia, Japan or any other country outside the European Union.


I am not a citizen of an EU country. I do not live in Europe either. I am not registered in any country. Can I still take the A1-A3 or A2 training/exam?

Yes, but under certain conditions. Here it depends on why you want to do the training and if and which European country you want to visit in the near future.


How quickly do I get my license after passing A1-A3 or A2 exam

The time depends on the country where you take the exam. However, for A1-A3 license it is usually immediately after passing the exam, while for A2 license it takes up to 14 days in some countries. When doing the licensing with Pro Fly Center usually our students receive their A2 license after 1-3 business days.


I am a citizen of a non-EU country. I live outside of Europe. I am going on vacation to Europe and would like to fly a drone. Can I register? How should I do that?

According to the regulations, you should register as an operator and also complete the A1-A3 category preferably in the European country where you plan to stay. Full list of National CAA you can find here:[easa_mbm]=easa_mbm


What license should I get?

Your best bet is to check out the graphic below. It illustrates the requirements.


EU conditions in Germany


Where and how to do A1-A3 and A2 license

The A1-A3 is free in a large part of European countries and it is taken through the national CAA. Most countries offer both the course and the exam online so you can take the training in your own country.

The A2 exam is a more advanced course, but it can also be taken remotely (online). These exams are already run by schools



I am a resident EU Country. Currently not registered as an operator and do not have an A1-A3. I would like to do an A2 through your A2 SMART product. Can I immediately register with the Polish Civil Aviation Authority and make A1-A3 in Poland.

According to the regulations, you should register as an operator in the country where you live. After registration in your country you can make request to us and make A1-A3 or A2 under our directions.


What a European drone license looks like

Both A1-A3 and A2 licenses are downloadable in „pdf format“ from webside/dashboard of your CAA. You can prepare a credit card from with this data over different providers.. There is common template for all countries (country emblem, data placement, CAA logo) but licenses may slightly differ.

Example: German A2 Licence - valid in all EU

Example: Polish A2 Licence - valid in all EU

The most important part of the license is the QR code. With this code you can carry the license in a digitalized form

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